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We are on a mission to make high quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all with innovative medical devices. Crafted in collaboration with healthcare providers, engineers, designers and innovators.

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Shira Microsurgery

Microsurgery is made easier with Shira's award-winning 3-Jaw Microvascular Clamps.

Our unique 3-Jaw Design everts the blood vessel ends, making the entire lumen visible. Gone are the days of unwanted back-walling nightmares.

Shira Microvascular Instruments are a must in every microsurgeon's arsenal.

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Collaborative innovation

We strive to develop better products in collaboration with doctors, healthcare workers, hospitals, engineers, designers, innovators and more.

Come, join hands with us - whether you want to make your idea a reality, work with Shira on our innovation projects, market your developed ideas, or just want to say hello.

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Innovative product pipeline

Watch this space for our upcoming innovations. We are currently developing cost-effective microvascular couplers, safe surgery handpieces and more.

Obsessed with quality

Each of our products is designed for superior performance. 100% product inspection as per international standards ensures that quality is delivered every time.

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