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Micro-Anastomosis without backwalling*

Microvascular anastomosis is made easier with Shira's award-winning 3-Jaw Microvascular Clamps.

Our unique 3-Jaw Design everts the blood vessel ends, making the entire lumen visible. Gone are the days of unwanted back-walling nightmares.

*Clinical Trials Reg. No. CTRI/2021/07/035038

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Unique 3-Jaw Design

World's first microvascular clamp that everts the vessel lumen. The unique 3-jaw design of the Shira Microvascular Clamp makes anastomosis much easier by preventing unintended backwall suturing and the need for assistance.

Available in various sizes, for both arteries and veins:

  • Small - 2AA and 2VV

  • Medium - 3AA and 3VV

  • Large - HDD


  • Shira Clamp Applicator Forceps

  • Shira Clamp Sterilization Case



Dr. VBN Murthy


"The invention is an important one to deskill the most difficult and demanding operation called microsurgery. This device will make sure more and more surgeons can bet trained in this difficult technique without the fear and frustration due to the long leaning curve."

Dr. Adhishwar Sharma


“I have been using the device at least 9-10 times every month, and it has been efficient during reconstructive surgeries. While other clamps in the market have a lifespan of only a year or so, the Shira clamp is still in good condition.”

Dr. Hari Venkatramani


"It is a very innovative clamp... which takes care of the adventitia. By using this clamp we are avoiding any thrombogenic inadvertent adventitial migration into the lumen."

Why Shira clamp?

Conventional Acland clamps

Blood vessel ends collapse when using Conventional Clamps

Risk of backwalling error in suturing leading to failure

Clamp needs to be flipped to suture posterior wall

High manual skill required with a steep learning curve

No innovation in the past 40 years

Shira clamps

Everts vessel lumen for better visibility of posterior wall

Minimal Adventectomy required

No flipping required for using the clamp in tight spaces

Minimizes need for skilled assistance

Can be used like a conventional clamp if needed

Feature focus

Surgical-grade steel

Shira Clamps are crafted using the best steel for surgical instruments. Special grade steel provides great mechanical and chemical properties to your Shira Clamps.

Pressure calibration

All Shira Clamps are 100% calibrated for pressure using digital measurement to ensure perfect pressure at the time of shipping your order.

No-slip grip

Specially processed gripping surface provides perfect grip to prevent vessels from slipping inadvertently during surgery, ensuring peace of mind and safety.

Passivated surface

Treated surface ensures longevity of your Shira Clamps by providing great corrosion resistance against the highly corrosive environment inside the human body.

Customised applicator

Custom design Shira Microvascular Clamp Applicator ensures perfect balance and ease of operation with Shira Clamps inside the most intricate spaces.

Safe sterilisation case

Shira Safe sterilization case of provides safety against impact to your Shira Clamps during sterilization and transport, providing additional longevity to your instruments.

Worldwide presence

Designed in India. Made for the world.








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